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An Award from Argentina to “Ulubahçe” by Yöre

13 February 2021

Olivinus International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, which ranks second in the world ranking according to Evoo (extra virgin olive oil) ranking scoring, is the largest and oldest international competition organized in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. This year, thousands of companies from many countries, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco, which are in the locomotive seat of world olive oil production, participated in the competition.


Produced in Gemlik Facilities of Yöre


The Yöre Group’s extra virgin olive oil brand, Ulubahçe is produced at the company’s facilities in Gemlik from olives collected from Edremit and Ayvalık Regions which are carefully processed, without any treatment.

The acidity of extra virgin olive oil, which is the most suitable type of olive oil to eat with its taste and smell, should be below 1%. The acidity level of Ulubahçe Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Yöre is measured as 0.8%. Olive oil that has this taste and smell, is carefully used in breakfasts, meals and salads. The olive oil is available in glass and pet packages in weights ranging from 250 ml to 2 liters at Peynirci Baba and major supermarkets in Türkiye

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