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Yöre Group Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Ali Keskin

A Letter from the Chairman!

02 May 2024

As Yöre Group, we continue our commercial adventure, which we started in 1996 through great excitement, dedication and sacrifice, with the same stability and energy even today. We see our family members, employees, suppliers and all our business partners as the architects of this strong and deep-rooted structure.


Our organization aims to develop new products and improve the quality of current products by maintaining its commitment to traditional Anatolian flavors with the strong supply chain it has established since the very first day of meeting with consumers in all sectors in which we operate, especially in the food sector.


As an organization, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction in line with the principles of sustainability, to contribute to the national economy by producing social responsibility projects for the society and the environment, and to be a pioneering entity in the sector.


In our products and services we offer with more than 30 years of experience, we prioritize trust, respect and honesty with a prominent customer-oriented and holistic quality understanding of today, and we are determined to adopt all these ethical values and principles and to become a company
that has a voice in the national and international arena.


As we move forward on this path, I would like to thank all our business partners, our valuable employees and all those who have made their precious contributions to our operations.


Kind regards,


Ali Keskin, Chairman of the Board